by Alane M Palmer, ND, CNCdirty energy

There is dirty energy everywhere we turn. It is in the cell phones we use frequently, it is in the tablets we use to play games on or work on, it is right in front of us as we use the computers, and it is in our homes and offices. Dirty energy can negatively affect your health and wellness.

Ever have one of those days when you feel like you are in front of the computer monitor all day? I know I do. You work in the office all day and then you may have extra work you need to do at home. Or you only want to catch up on Facebook or emails. By 10 or 11 pm you are tired and ready for some serious sleep. But your body is not responding correctly, it feels like it is “wired” even though you are very “tired” so what is up with that? It is really simple;, the EMF (electromagnetic fields) that come from the electronics can mess up your nervous system and get in the way of a good night sleep and your health!

Cellphones emit powerful radiation and are in constant use. Studies show that a significant amount of this radiation can penetrate 2-6 inches into the brain.

Computer Electrostress: Yes there are health risks that come directly from your computer, laptop or tablet. The closer you are to the computer, the stronger the EMFs will be.

The Electrical Home: Many parts of your home are a hotspot for dangerous EMFs. These range from your television, whole house alarms, antennas, routers, smart meters, modems which are always sending signals all around you on a daily basis. They can move through walls and floors making the entire home “electrical” or “magnetized”

Outside: I go outdoors as much as I can for some fresh air. But when I walk around I notice the EMFs all around me, outside too. These include cell towers, radiation from the earth and metal pipes underground.

For people with autoimmunity or nervous system imbalances, dirty energy can be negatively affecting their health and even preventing health from returning.

There are many products that may help reduce the dirty energy in your environment. There are laptop shields, phone shield, jewelry to stop EMFs from harming you, low EMF hair dryers, and earthing.

One thing I have to be careful of is working too late. I love to email clients and write blogs late at night but I know if I do that, the EMFs will bother me, I will start to feel stressed, even though I am not stressed, and my cortisol levels will jump up which prevents me from falling asleep even though I am exhausted. The only thing that helps me sleep then is a crème to lower cortisol. Goodness! All because I wanted to email some people back in the evening.

Checking your cortisol and hormone levels and making sure they are optimal can help balance you out even when EMFs are trying to get the better of you.

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