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Did you know that more Americans tend to be overweight than not and that over thirty percent are obese? I remember when I went to back home to visit my family in Europe, and my cousin asked, “is it true that Americans are fat?” I was completely shocked at how outsiders viewed us! The truth is that we are getting fat, especially around our bellies! This is scary and is affecting the majority of our health in this country.

Why is there such an increase in Belly Fat? It is pretty common in our culture to take shortcuts for conveniences which usually affects our food choices. Because we are so busy, we are often consuming foods that are high in sugar. Add add stress to our busyness, and we have a good combo for belly fat. Most people do not realize that stress can cause belly fat but it can! You see, when you are stressed your adrenals also can become stressed and belly fat is just one of the symptoms stressed adrenals and high cortisol levels will give you. Other symptoms of worn out adrenals are low libido, brain fog, nervousness, depression, and weight gain, so you definitely want to make sure your adrenals are functioning properly.

High blood sugar can also be the culprit to belly fat. A quick rise in blood glucose can lead to an excessive increase of insulin, and then a drop in glucose causes high cortisol levels which in turn causes anxiety to occur all at the same time! When blood sugars drop, the cravings for more sugar increases again, making you reach for something that you probably know you should have, but having you “feel” like you need it. Therefore testing your fasting insulin levels is essential to your overall health too!

What can be done? Times can be stressful but figuring out what to do with your health should not be another added stress component. We offer TWO types of testing to help you discover what your belly fat connection is whether it be from high blood sugars or cortisol/ adrenal related. Our Adrenal Cortisol Test is a saliva test kit that is easy to perform and very precise and our Comprehensive Blood Test + thyroid checks for insulin levels plus much more! Find out what if insulin and high cortisol levels are causing you to have belly fat! Say bye-bye to belly fat and “Hello” to good health!

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