By Maria Cumming and Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

Why You Don't Feel Better After Going Gluten FreeFrom personal experience, I went gluten free before for several months, and I could not tell a significant difference in the way that I felt. Hold on now before you get too excited because the reason that I was not able to “feel a difference” was, drum roll, please…I was not doing it correctly! I thought going gluten free meant no more bread, cookies, pastries, cakes, etc. and that was only part of the solution. What I did not realize were a few things that I am going to share with you.

1.) I was addicted to carbs (let’s face it carbohydrates are addicting especially the sweet ones) and replaced the foods I once enjoyed with gluten-free prepackaged foods; which are mostly junk high in sugar. Now, for me, this was not good because I needed to lose weight plus I have an autoimmune condition; therefore sugar and some of the other ingredients were not smart choices for me.

2.) I didn’t realize I needed to check and be cautious of, gluten lurking everywhere! I did not think twice about supplements, vitamins, sauces (such as soy sauces), gluten-fried foods fried in the very same oil as my non-gluten choice of food. No wonder I did not notice a big difference in the way I felt, technically I was not Gluten Free!

3.) I also was “filling up” on gluten free snacks like corn chips, popcorn, and rice; I mean a girl has to eat right? I did not realize that I was eating gluten-free grains that had similar proteins in them that can “act” like gluten in my body.

Perhaps you have made some of the same errors that I made, or maybe you did not go gluten free for at least six weeks (which is how long gluten stays in the body) therefore you did not feel better after going gluten free. Are you wondering IF you have a true gluten intolerance? Are you curious if gluten-free grains are “acting” like gluten in your body? We offer TWO wonderful tests that can both be done in the SAME test kit with the SAME blood draw! The first is a Comprehensive Gluten Test and the second is a Gluten Cross Reactivity Test.

If you are going to go gluten free, make sure you are doing it right, and you will feel the difference!

Comprehensive Gluten Test

Cross Reactivity Test

We care about you and want to help you know what grains are good for you!

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