By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

blood test for vitamin deficiencyYears ago I used to take a little yellow multi vitamin pill. That was all I needed… or so I thought. Years later I learned just how wrong I was! That little yellow pill did not take into consideration the stress level I was under, if my diet was healthy or not or if the food I was eating truly had enough nutrients in it or not. That little yellow pill also had chemicals and color dyes in it which was probably doing adverse things to me since I was always so sensitive to things. Typically these “one pill a day” supplements are full of additives and are hard to digest.

Most one pill a day multivitamins are what is called “inactive” or not “activated”. Most supplement companies I purchase from now have “activated” nutrients in their bottles which make them easier to assimilate and break down within the body.

If that one little pill a day worked then I would not be so deficient in so many nutrients today! Today I am smarter. I take only what my body needs at the exact dose I need, which sometimes may be a very therapeutic dose. Vitamin A for instance usually shows up low on my tests along with zinc. For years I suffered from vitamin A and zinc deficiencies that are so much better today. I would be a very slow healer whenever I had a bruise but now I heal a lot quicker. I would much rather take a few supplements with breakfast and lunch and make sure I am getting what I need rather than just pop one simple pill each day and be totally unsure if it was helping me or not.

I totally believe in doing a blood test for vitamin deficiency as I have seen so many healthy people have some pretty serious vitamin deficiencies that can be contributing to health challenges unnecessarily.

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