How To End Brain FogBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

With symptoms like fatigue, memory, trouble concentrating, and mood swings, let’s be real; Brain Fog is No Party! Stressful and busy times can make brain fog linger around longer than it should. A one-day or once in a while brain fog burst can be annoying, but if you are experiencing brain fog a bit more frequently lately, then it is time say, “Adios” to brain fog. Do not worry though; brain fog is a repairable condition with these tips!

Nutrition can play quite the role when it comes to brain fog. Consuming a poor diet may seem convenient, but it will wreak havoc on only your overall health, and be the cause of your brain fog. Caffeine will also add to brain fog and can contribute to stress which can cause cortisol levels to become unbalanced. Eat foods rich in nutrients like salmon, nuts, fruits, veggies and even a little bit of dark chocolate.

Supplements such as the B vitamins, omega-3 fish oils, adaptogens, and 5HTP, will support brain health. The Vitamin B family helps produce fuel for energy. Omega 3 fish oils promote brain health and reduce inflammation. Adaptogenic herbs assist in reducing cortisol levels, fatigue, and stress. 5HTP promotes serotonin production.

Supplements for gut health such as L-Glutamine, Probiotics, collagen, and digestive enzymes are essential for brain fog too. Keep reading to find out how gut health can be related to brain fog. Probiotics help support the healthy bacteria in the gut. L-Glutamine supports healing and restoration of the gut lining. Collagen strengthens the connective tissue health. Digestive enzymes help aid in digestion and absorb nutrients.

Gut Health
The gut is considered to be the second brain, which is why we recommend supplements for the gut. When it comes to brain fog, you have to get to the root of the problem. The problem can often start in our gut  which communicates with our brain and vice versa.

Gut health is often affected by Candida yeast. Candida produces chemicals that are toxic to the brain. Brain related candida symptoms are brain fog, depression, anxiety, and loss of memory. Once candida is killed off, the symptoms will virtually disappear.

Leaky gut is another gut issue that can also be associated with brain fog because it causes the body to lose nutrients that support the brain such as Omega 3-fatty acids, the B vitamins, and zinc which are vital for brain health and moods. I bet you are starting to see the connection!


Brain fog can also be a result of a hormone imbalance. A dysfunctional thyroid, insufficient adrenals, and chronic fatigue can make your brain fog symptoms skyrocket! However, balancing hormones can be the  easy part to correct with our Hormone Saliva Test Kit!

If you are concerned, that your brain fog may be directly related to your gut health, you can perform a stool test with our  Stool Test Kits. If you suffer symptoms from candida or leaky gut syndrome, our test will detect it! Do not let Brain Fog get in your way, get tested today with a test or two that fit Your Needs!

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If You are going to forget Anything, Forget Brain Fog!:)

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