By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

environmental allergy test There are many states within the wonderful U.S.A to live in. Most of the states have their own challenges as far as having allergens that people will react to. Some states have more than others. Tennessee was voted on of the top states for spring allergies and “Los Angeles, California for smog. More than half of the top 10 worst cities are Southern cities: Knoxville, Louisville, Chattanooga, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Jackson, Mississippi. Other top worst cities to live in for environmental allergens are Philadelphia, St Louis, Dayton, and Wichita.

The way the results were received was by which states and cities have the highest amounts of trees, grass or weed which leads to more pollen in the air and thus more allergies for the people. Environmental factors like wind, humidity, typical temperatures — and air pollution also play a part in determining the allergy risk levels in the particular area.

The mountain areas seem to be lower in risk level due to the short time the pollen is in the air. I have heard a doctor speak a few times, that treats people with mold allergies and toxicities that the best place to live is near a beach. The closer you are to the ocean, the less the pollen count will be. The Midwest is known for ragweed pollen and the west for tree pollen. The southern states tends to be high for allergies and pollen especially during damp season. In the south, tree pollen time is Feb – May while grasses in the south can cause symptoms all year round for some.

A huge factor is that one person may be allergic to tree pollen, another to grasses and another to mold. So, before you think about moving, consider an environmental allergy test so you know for sure which allergens you are reacting to and which ones are not a problem. There are also several supportive supplements like Nettle Leaf and Quercitin that can help reduce the severity of symptoms.

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