By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

thyroid, fatigue, test kits Do you feel like you need to sleep, sleep and sleep but no matter how much sleep you try to get, you still feel tired? So many people go through this, and it is exhausting! I mean there is so much that you need to do and so much that you want to do, only you are too tired to do anything. In any case, where is all this fatigue coming from?

The answer to that may not be the same for everyone. However, having fatigue a very common symptom associated with both Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. Therefore, if your thyroid is not properly functioning, no amount of sleep is going to make you feel well rested. This can be a difficult challenge because in most cases if your numbers fall in the particular medical range, most doctors will not diagnose you as having a thyroid disorder. This was the case for me and let me tell you, it was frustrating! What happens to all the people that test borderline with their test results? What if you are just a few numbers away from having a true hypothyroid?

So, what is a person to do, especially if you are not getting the answers you need? Well, I am going to recommend what I wish I had known years ago. I strongly recommend taking a more comprehensive test that covers TSH, Free levels of T3 and T4 and don’t forget those thyroid antibodies! Why? Because a test kit is easy, convenient and a quick way to get the answers you need. Why should anyone have to go through life struggling with fatigue and thyroid issues? Life is meant to be enjoyed, and you need the energy to enjoy it! Order our test kit today, and you will receive your results, interpretation, and protocol within three weeks! Say goodnight and goodbye to fatigue!

We care about you and want to help you get to the root of your fatigue!

Look at our hormone and adrenal fatigue test kit!

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