hair analysis testBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

The very first holistic minded test I ran on myself was a hair analysis test. It was fascinating to me plus accurate in future health challenges. My sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium ratios were out of balance. Sodium and Potassium were low and calcium and magnesium were high. I had trouble sleeping and was fatigued most of the time. I learned from the lab and my own practitioner that there was most likely an underlying adrenal and / or thyroid problem that was not diagnosed properly. But whenever I went to my PCP they said my thyroid was fine. At first this did not make any sense. I called the lab and talked to the people there and they too said those 4 minerals need to be in balance for me to feel good, with energy during the day and sleep at night. I had every single thyroid symptom and based on my hair analysis my doctor should be telling me I had a thyroid problem but they did not. After time went on I took more classes, the next one was as extensive thyroid class. They taught me about TSH and T3, T4 and antibody levels. So we ran a more extensive test and there it was! I did have hypothyroid, my TSH was borderline high and my T3 levels were very low. The hair analysis helped me dig deeper to find the root cause of my symptoms. After proper treatment I started to feel better and the next hair analysis showed balanced sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium levels.

The hair analysis test helped me so much that I try to run one on my clients so they can learn more about their body and what they need to reach their health goals.

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