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 Simple Ways to Fix a Slow Metabolism so You Get the Results You Want.  

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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December 30, 2022

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Hi friend, if you are looking for simple ways to fix a slow metabolism so you see life-changing results fast – I can help.
Every day I hear how people know something is wrong with their metabolism, but labs keep showing up normal. You are smart, and most likely, you are correct. Let me show you what I mean.

I am Alane, a holistic nutritionist with 30+ years of experience in holistic health, metabolic wellness, and weight loss. Losing weight is not about dieting; it is about making sure your metabolism works for you and not against you. 

The first way to fix a slow metabolism is to ensure your metabolism is working correctly. Even a borderline metabolic problem is a problem that needs to be solved so you get results and break through those annoying weight loss plateaus. 

Here are some symptoms you may have if you suffer from a slow metabolism. Weight gain no matter what you are or eat, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, low libido, hot or cold flashes, dry skin, and even infertility for some women.

The best way to fix a slow metabolism is to ensure your thyroid gland is working right – even a borderline thyroid function is too slow. In functional nutrition, we learn that a TSH or thyroid-stimulating hormone should be 2.0 or lower – but the traditional medical range is under 4.5. So what happens if your TSH level is 2.0 -4.4? It would be best if you fixed your slow metabolism by supporting your thyroid levels, and I will show you how. 

The second important thing to check is your Free T3 thyroid levels. Free T3 Regulates the rate at which your body uses calories for energy. Free T3 affects weight loss or weight gain and is called the metabolic rate. Free T3 significantly increases the metabolic rate.

Again in functional nutrition, we like Free T3 to be at least a 3.2, but the standard range suggests 2.0 is good enough. Goodness, why such a difference? I think about all the people suffering from all kinds of slow metabolism symptoms, and the answer is to increase their T3 level. 

The third way to fix a slow metabolism is to figure out why you are storing fat and fix it. Yes, it is that simple. My metabolic mastery program includes comprehensive labs to discover all you need about your metabolic health and how to fix it. 

For instance, if you store fat in the liver, your liver enzymes will be high, and so will your triglycerides and LDL. It would help if you reduced fat in the diet and did not follow a ketogenic diet. If protein is low in the bloodwork, you may need to focus on eating more protein. If inflammation markers are high in the labs, a diet cutting out inflammatory foods would be beneficial to fix a slow metabolism. 

No matter what the labs show – you can fix a slow metabolism if you know what to do, and I will show you precisely what to do. 

Remember you are an individual with your own metabolic needs; what works for Jane will not work for Judy, and what works for Bob will not work for Larry. That is why labs are essential. 


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I used this same metabolic weight loss program when I hit menopause. I gained 30 pounds and was not happy and wanted to lose it fast – but I understand why I gained it in the first place. Plus, the program has helped thousands of people like you have tremendous success, even if they have a slow metabolism. 

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