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December 30, 2022

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While a food allergy may not directly affect weight loss, the inflammation or reaction caused by the food WILL.

Tip #1. The IgG immune pathway shows food reactions that interfere with weight loss. And food reactions causing gut inflammation or when your body has a hard time digesting the food are seen in the IgA immune pathway. The symptoms of food allergies and weight loss can differ for each person.

For example, I may look like my entire belly gained 10 pounds if I eat parsnips because I have an IGG reaction to them, but I may also burp or reflux if I eat eggs because that is an IgA food allergy reaction. Both foods will cause weight loss difficulty, and there will be other symptoms too. 

I talk about helping people de-swell when I test for food allergies and weight loss struggles. Your entire body may seem swollen or inflamed, and figuring out your food allergies in the IGG and IGA immune pathways can help tremendously to help you de-swell and lose weight easier. Some people may have head-to-toe inflammation, and others may only have inflammation in their legs, brain, belly, or feet. No matter where the inflammation is, remember that inflammation can lead to disease, so removing food allergies that trigger weight loss challenges can improve your health overall, and that is a good thing. 

Tip #2: My 2nd tip for food allergies and weight loss is the word absorption. Malabsorption causes you not to be able to absorb the nutrients from your food. Gliadin or gluten is the #1 protein that leads to symptoms of poor absorption which can lead to weight loss struggles. But this can happen with proteins, carbs, or fat which is why testing is so important. For example, my body does not break down fats from food well, so any fat in my diet will cause food allergies and weight loss struggles.

I will gain 10 pounds in a few hours if I eat a bunch of peanut butter. Other people cannot break down carbohydrates well enough, so carbs will equal weight gain. And other people are reacting to the gluten protein where gluten is causing struggles with weight loss. If you continue to eat foods your body is not breaking down well or absorbing well, symptoms of weight gain, skin reactions, headaches, and even low muscle mass or lower immune response can show up. 

It has been amazing over the 30 years I have been in practice to see how the food test results guide clients on their diet. I have seen many times a whole list of foods that are high in fat show up positive in the IGG and IGA immune pathway, and when the client takes those out of their daily diet, weight loss is simple. And for others, gluten and grains are the culprits, and when those foods are eliminated again, weight loss is easy.

True story: I call this the almond girl story – I had a female patient, age 45, come in, and her diet was terrific. But she said she would not lose weight. I did the normal labs on her, and all was good – so we discussed food allergies and how they affect weight loss. She was open to food testing. We tested 185 foods + food additives + gluten intolerance. Her results were noticeable – gluten intolerance was positive, and fats were all elevated for the IGG immune pathway reactivity. And a few proteins were positive in IGA, thus affecting her gut health. Almonds were the highest reactive food – she changed her diet, and the weight loss finally occurred. Super cool 

Another true story – a young girl aged 14 – came in with her mom and the girl that was overweight and looked very swollen from head to toe. We did not talk about weight loss as she was only 14, and we did not want her to feel bad about herself. 

The girl said she needed help – she felt chunky and needed to do better in school. She told me she is always hungry and will eat in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. We ran IGG, IGA, and gluten testing, and gluten was a severe reaction for her. All we did was take gluten out of the diet, and she lost weight, her appetite normalized, her school work improved, and so did her confidence and smile. 

Tip #3 – has to do with the gluten belly – Gluten is the #1 protein that leads to difficulty with weight loss. The first thing to note is just because you may have a food allergy to gluten does not mean you have Celiac Disease. The easiest way to describe this is to share a story that happened to me years ago. 

Pizza Belly: I was out and about and stopped at a pizza place. This was before I realized I had celiac. I was a size six for jeans and a size small for shirts. But after I ate the pizza, I was walking around town again, and it looked like my stomach had grown just over the last hour to a size ten as my pants were now tight and my shirt felt tight. 

I was so uncomfortable, and my friend looked at me and said, Alane, no offense, but it looks like you gained 10 pounds like a snap of a finger. I had what is called a gluten belly. Since then, I have done extensive food intolerance testing, and I had a very high reactivity to the gluten protein, so I have eliminated it from my diet; of course, for me, all of the gluten-free grains that have similar proteins in them were also high – so I stopped those too and did not have a gluten belly anymore. 

I never worry about running this amazing food test on anyone; they are always happy they did it, as I could never tell someone which foods they are reacting to or which foods are making weight loss difficult, as results are different for everyone

You know what I usually say, Test. Don’t Guess – eating healthy is a good thing, of course, but it will not help with weight loss if you react to healthy foods, which can happen. I have seen plenty of test results in which broccoli, carrots, apple, or beef are positive for reactivity. 

If you are struggling with weight loss, here are my suggestions. 

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