There Are Many Amazing Health Benefits for Running  Food Allergy Testing!

Once a Food Allergy is Discovered, and the Problematic Food is Eliminated, You Can Start Feeling Healthier, Which Means Reduced Stress in Life and More Enjoyment.

Comprehensive food allergy testing puts the power of what to eat to stay healthy and fit right into your hands!


Food Allergy Testing Benefits

*  You will spend less money on groceries since you will know exactly what to buy.
*  You will stress less over possible food allergy reactions
*  You can clear up health challenges that are caused by a food reaction.
*  You can enjoy improved health so you can do more in life
*  Experience better energy 
*  Lose weight easier 
*  Focus better and think clearer
*  Have clearer and healthier-looking skin
*  Reduce pain and inflammation 
*  Reduced Headaches and Migraines
*  UTIs can improve 
*  Enjoy less pain and a more active life 

Running Food Allergy Testing Provides You With Food Clarity!  

*Our food allergy testing kit clarifies what foods should and shouldn’t be eaten. 

You will enjoy No more wasted time, effort, or money spent on the wrong foods. Only eat what the body wants.

Our Favorite Food Allergy Testing Kit is this one:  IGG / IGA 200 Foods + Additives + Gluten Allergy Test . 

IGA: foods that can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, GI upsets and leaky gut. When the food is removed your GI symptoms should improve. 

IgG: IgG food allergy tests identify delayed food allergy reactions that lead to weight gain and inflammation of any kind.  These reactions can worsen over time. IgG reactions are more difficult to notice since they can occur hours or even days from the time the food was eaten. This is why doing a good food allergy test is extremely beneficial.

Wheat_Gluten Sample Report


Comprehensive Gluten Test: Most gluten tests only check 2-3 types of gluten and they only test in ONE of the immune pathways (IgA). Our gluten test checks MANY  types of gluten in TWO immune pathways (IgG and IgA) so a true gluten intolerance is not missed! Can be ordered in blood draw or blood spot.

Wheat_Gluten Sample_Report

How Does Ordering a Food Allergy Test Kit Work?

It’s simple! Order the food allergy test kit and we mail it to you right away. We provide you with the name and address of a lab near you to draw your blood. Results are emailed to you in about 3 weeks.

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Food Allergy Testing

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