food and depression By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Yes, there is a link between food and depression. Food intolerances can drop your mood like a snap of a finger. 

If you are looking for foods that reduce anxiety and depression, start with removing foods that you are reacting to. 

What if there was more to depression than a chemical imbalance? Yes, I understand that sometimes medication is needed for quality of life. But what if we checked for the link between food and depression first? Simple food adjustments can improve the mood, increase energy, support mental clarity, and  more. And the problem is not simply sugar; it is “reactions” to common foods that can be different for every person.

I have food reactions to wheat, oat, corn, dairy, red meat, and parsnips, but yours will be unique to YOU. I am a happy person 99.9% of the time, but if I eat wheat, even this happy-go-lucky person’s mood will drop. I also notice a change in appetite – it is stronger than ever. Not good! 

Food intolerance can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Food and depression are a genuine concern. Certain foods may cause you to feel run down, sluggish, leave you with digestive issues, skin issues, breathing difficulties, joint pain, or even migraines.

Our comprehensive Food Intolerance Test Kit + Gluten  can help you pinpoint the foods causing symptoms. As you begin to eliminate them from your diet, keeping your food journal and strict attention to what you ate and how it affected you, you may notice your symptoms begin to fall away as you eliminate certain foods from your diet!

This is also true with your mental health; when your body is returning to complete health, so is your brain!

Our test suggestion is the IgG / IgA combination test plus Comprehensive Gluten .

Food test results are returned in about 4 weeks along with a protocol and full-color rotation diet to begin your health and mood improving journey! Plus, one-to-one virtual health and wellness appointments Monday -Friday for more assistance.

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