By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

allergies, food, aches and pains, test kits Aching joints, arthritis, and pains daily could be a sign of, wait for it…Food Allergies! I know it sounds a bit strange, but it really could be the underlying cause of physical pain. If you are receiving temporary relief by using over the counter or prescription pain medications, you are only fixing the pain symptom; you are not getting to the root cause. Using these medications for pain regularly can cause more symptoms down the road because of side effects like high blood pressure or kidney problems.

So what is a person to do when they have chronic pain? The better question is, “What is the cause of all this pain?” Is it inflammation? If it is inflammation (which does trigger pain), then there is hope because it could be due to the food you are eating in your daily diet, without even knowing it is causing your body to INFLAME and then experience PAIN! You see if you have allergies to certain foods, (even healthy foods), the food reaction may not occur right away so you may not recognize it as a food allergy. Your immune system may consider food that was just eaten or food that was consumed days ago as a threat triggering the inflammation and the aches and pain. The good news is once food allergies are found and the particular foods removed from the diet, the aches and pains may be reduced or eliminated and so can be the needs for overuse of pain medication.

So how can you know if it a food allergy? You can do our favorite food allergy test to find out which foods are causing symptoms likes aches and pains! Our food allergy test kits are more comprehensive than a skin test or traditional blood work because it tests over 184 IgG or delayed food reactions plus it tests for some immediate food reactions. To find out more about our favorite food allergy test kits click here.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start living with less pain? Find out which foods you need to eliminate and make the change!

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