By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC
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Missing your Zzzzzz’s ?
Trouble getting into REM Bliss?
Are you in bed, all tucked in and ready for SLEEP, but it does not happen?

One option to get back to better sleep is CAMPING! Think about it. When you go into the woods, pitch a tent and lie on the ground at night watching the stars, what are you NOT doing? You are not on your cell phones, I-pads, laptops and you left the internet at home or at the office. You also also not worried about cleaning the kitchen, picking up the kids from soccer practice and figuring out what dinner will be. Your brain is in CALM mode, not processing and get it done mode.

There is a much-needed nutrient, called melatonin that is needed for optimal sleep. All of our electrical items will negatively effect melatonin which helps regulate your bodies internal clock. This internal clock will tell you exactly when it is time for rest and then sleep. Many of us are super busy and always wondering what our friends and family are doing so we fight the rest and sleep notification from our body and we keep on connecting with others with the blue light of electronics shining in our faces.

There are many nights when I am getting sleepy around 9 pm and I feel relaxed reading a good book, cuddling with my puppy or talking with my family. But something always seems to go wrong when I look at my phone and see a bunch of unanswered emails, and I start back in the processing mindset. This tends to raise up my cortisol level and by the time I get into bed I do not feel relaxed anymore and getting that good nights sleep is harder. Taking something to lower cortisol does seem to help in these situations.

I do enjoy going camping, especially in the summertime. It is a nice escape and a way to recharge myself when I get back into the processing mode. I do try to remember that I sleep better under the stars because I left the electronics at home.

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(Cortisol needs to be low at night to allow your body to calm and fall into sleep)

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