go vegetarian for a dayBy Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Annah Gillette

Let’s think about this. Most days the majority of Americans eat highly processed boxed foods and one or two fresh foods a day. So by spending just one day a week or even one day a month eating vegetarian, you are choosing to eat live, healthy, colorful produce for an entire day!

Fruits and vegetables are inexpensive, easily attainable, filling, and versatile! Do your due diligence to choose organic locally grown produce while skipping GMO and nutrient bankrupt varieties.

IF your vegetable selections don’t have much flavor to savor it could be a sign of nutrient deficiences in the produce. When I was growing up, we would travel to a family farm. I remember sitting on the front porch, after chasing the bark cats, and biting into a juicy heirloom tomato! They were delicious and full of flavor and nutrients. I could eat them just like I could a delicious, juicy apple!

I have picked up tomatoes over the years wanting to create the same experience. Sadly, I was continually let down. It wasn’t until I realized farm grown nutrient dense is way different than mass produced commercially grown varieties. I urge you to get out and try different types of your grocery store staples. You will be surprised by the variety and availability at your local farmer’s markets.

One of my favorite quotes is, ” You are what you eat!” This goes for both plants and animals. If your diet is composed of consistent processed foods meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables, your system will need and enjoy taking a break!

Fat-loss coach and vegetarian Karen Austin says on the one day you don’t eat meat you’ll be including other foods into your diet that you may not naturally consider – more veg essentially – and so will be including more nutrients, minerals, and fiber in your diet. “These little changes of going meat-free for a day will add up over the weeks and months. It will not only give us more natural nutrients and minerals, and increased fiber – making us healthier – but reduce the amount of man-made, high-saturated, chemical-filled meat we eat,” says Karen.

Another reason to go Vegetarian for the day is to introduce new bacteria to you microbiome (your gut). Think about what you eat, if there is no diversity = there is no bacteria diversity to help you fight infections and disease. There is a direct correlation from how you feel, sleep, and participate in life to the bacteria in your gut. Live foods help you maintain your diversity!

If you want to get healthy, you need to start with food! Replace cancer-causing, fat, pesticide and hormone-laced meats with cancer-preventing, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol lowering foods like apples, broccoli, blueberries, carrots, flax, garlic, leafy greens, nuts and sweet potatoes.

For some of you who have adopted a healthy lifestyle, this will be a breeze. If you are keeping your local fast food joint lights on this may feel unrealistic.

Here are a few tips on how to go vegetarian.
1: Start with a plan! You can shop and plan your day, so there are no surprises.
2. If a full day isn’t your jam, start with one meal a day for a week or your snacks for a week.

Have you ever wondered if your body can break down meat proteins? Or is your body made to be mostly vegetarian? Do you wonder if certain foods are contributing to troubling symptoms? Which foods are best for YOU?

Consider our Food Intolerance / Food Allergy Blood Test and get answers to what sort of diet is best for YOU!

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