got allergies, allergy natural support, treat allergies naturally, test for allergies, test for environment allergens, test for environment allergies, test for food allergies, food allergies , allergy symptoms, allergies mucous and vitamin c By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Here we go again…………spring allergies and mucho mucous! After all, allergies, sneezing fits, sniffles, itchy eyes and mucho mucus are pretty common in the springtime. Along with the beautiful blooms and the sunshine comes pollen’s that could be causing your mucus to keep on flowing-(eh hem) I mean going like the Energizer Bunny!

Not thrilled about taking an over the counter drug or prescription again this season? We do not blame you! Most of those medications cause drowsiness or teary eyes as if you really wanted to switch a runny nose for tired, runny eyes- no thank you! So, what other options are there? There are natural ways to combat allergies by testing or using specific supplements. However, you need to for sure whether or not you do have allergies. To be sure that you have an allergy you should consider our Inhalant Allergy Test kit. Test results come with a comprehensive interpretation and supportive protocol if you test positive. Plus it tests for tree pollen, grass pollen, weed pollen, dander, wines, indoor allergens, molds and much more!

Vitamin C is another excellent option for allergy support because it helps reduce histamine release and reduces it more quickly once it is released. People who are low in Vitamin C can end up with high levels of histamine in their blood. How is that for a natural remedy that will not cause drowsiness or teary eyes? Vitamin C is an easy and inexpensive choice to try. So get your Vitamin C today! (see the vitamin store page of our website for the best brands)

There is also a chance that what you think is an allergy could be a food intolerance. Dairy is a mucus trigger for many people. I used to have a mucus problem as a child, now in retrospect, it was probably due to all the ice-cream, chocolate milk, yogurt, and cheese that I really enjoyed eating so much. Dairy is not the only culprit for mucus. Here are some other foods that could be contributing as well, caffeine, wheat, grains, seed, nuts, sugar, salt, soy, eggs, and alcohol. These are just some of the top contributors. However, the truth is that it could be any food that your body has a reaction to which triggers the mucus and congestion. We have a Food Intolerance Test that will pinpoint which foods need to be eliminated with a simple blood draw that way you do not have to play the guessing game!

You do not have to suffer from annoying symptoms like mucus. You have choices, Natural Choices with us!

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