Could Gut Bacteria Be Affecting Your Weight?By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

There is a colony of gut bacteria living inside each of us. Most of us when we think of bacteria we think of gross germs that can make us sick and cause disease, but not all bacteria is bad. In fact, to stay healthy, we need a significant amount of good bacteria.

Roles of Good and Bad Bacteria in Gut Health
Good bacteria has plenty of work to do such as maintaining the gut wall, producing vitamins, protecting the immune system, reducing inflammation, regulating weight loss and appetite, and communicating with the brain through the production of neurotransmitters. Let’s give a High Five for good bacteria! After all, they work hard for us.

Inflammation = Nutrient Absorption= Weight Problems

If you do not have enough  good bacteria, the bad bacteria will take over destroying your gut, ruining intestinal lining, wreaking havoc on your immune system, and cause inflammation (I will share a little more on inflammation in a minute.) Too much of the wrong bacteria will not only cause digestive issues like diarrhea or bloating but can affect our weight as well- which can also lead to health conditions like diabetes later on. That is where good bacteria comes to the rescue because they can fight the bad bacteria off if you have a healthy gut.

Back to Inflammation. Whenever there is inflammation, there is a possibility for a disease to be on the rise. It makes sense considering that most diseases (outside of hereditary ones) start with inflammation. Today there is more and more studies showing how our gut bacteria can affect our health and weight. Gut bacteria communicates with the brain by sending chemical messages that can increase your appetite for certain foods and influence your mood. The bad bacteria strive on foods that are (you guessed it)…bad for you! You know the processed junk food that you know you should eat but feel like it is calling your name. There is hope, and you can get your gut in order.

Furthermore, if you have inflammation, then the chances are that you are not able to absorb all your nutrients which can cause metabolic dysfunction. Which in turn, could be another reason your weight is being affected. The body needs nutrients to function properly, but often bad bacteria has caused so much harm that the nutrients can not fully be absorbed.

You do not have to struggle with bad bacteria taking over your gut heath and overall health. You can improve your gut health by eating nutrient-rich foods including probiotic-rich or fermented foods, take supplements, increase fiber intake, reduce sugar intake, and add healthy fats. However, if you have been experiencing chronic digestive issues or skin issues along with weight struggles, it may be time to take one more step further with our Comprehensive Stool Test. Our Comprehensive Stool Test will screen for all bacteria with a 100% accuracy plus check digestive markers, inflammations markers, and much more! You may only be a test away from the answers you need!

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When it comes to your weight and gut health, don’t play around with bad bacteria!

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