Does Gut Bacteria Impact Mental Health?By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Depression, anxiety, and psychosis have long been looked into by 19th and 20th-century scientists who believe that there is indeed a connection between the gut and the brain. Many scientists also believe that the bacteria in our intestines do in fact have an impact on our state of mind. So, Yes, it does seem that there IS a gut bacteria impact on mental health. Therefore, it should not be that much of a surprise for us nowadays.

One particular cause of gut bacteria affecting mental health is due to certain nutrient imbalances. Nutrient imbalances can occur when the gut is over populated by bad bacteria, and not all bacteria is bad. The bad bacteria ruins the gut lining causing nutrients not to be properly absorbed. However, on the other hand, we need to have good bacteria in our gut to support our immune system and brain health. When nutrients are depleted, it affects the brain-gut axis which is a 2-way communication and partnership that relies on each other including the microbial environment and neurotransmitters. If neurotransmitters are not balanced, then you have a recipe for mental health issues due to lack of serotonin and dopamine-which are the “feel good” neurotransmitters. Not being able to absorb nutrients can also negatively affect more than brain health but overall health as well.

Why is testing so important? Furthermore, what type of testing is available to check gut bacteria? These are both excellent questions when it comes to gut health and how it affects mental and overall health. Testing is crucial to get to the root causes of many health conditions. Why compromise your health by playing the guessing game when you can test? That is why we provide a variety of testing!

If someone would like to test both their gut health AND their neurotrasmittters ALL in ONE easy urine test test then our   Organic Acid Test (OAT) is perfect for them!

Furthermore, the OAT evaluates essential bio-markers such as:
fat burning
blood sugar metabolism
energy production
toxins and detoxification
oxidative stress and antioxidants
nutrient levels
yeast levels
intestinal bacterial growth
and much more!

OAT is the perfect nutrient test for people who want the most information about them without having to do a blood draw! It is a urine test. If you are feeling a little down, suffering from anxieties, or suffering from other mental health issues, there is HOPE, and this test could be vital to your Mental health, Gut health, and Overall health!

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