By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Tonya Matus

Many people these days seem to be aware that the overall condition of the gut can dramatically affect your health. But how many of you know that gut health can cause depression as well as other mood disorders? Is it possible that depression could actually be a neuro-psychiatric manifestation of a chronic inflammatory syndrome in the gut? Research seems to indicate just that.

Medical research has long since shown that general chronic inflammation is directly involved as a major risk factor for depression. Furthermore, evidence now suggests that one of the primary causes of inflammation may be the dysfunction of the “gut-brain axis.” In simple terms, depression has been demonstrated to be linked to gastrointestinal inflammation. So yes, it would appear that our gut can cause us to feel depressed. But why?

Your gut is practically your second brain – created from the same tissue as your brain during gestation – and it contains and produces approximately 95% of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is directly associated with mood control, as well as an estimated 50% of the neurotransmitter dopamine. More and more evidence is revealing that the digestive tract and the brain are crucially linked and that your diet and gut bacteria can influence your behavior, thoughts, and moods directly. Recent research is now showing a direct correlation between “leaky gut” among people with depression.

Some of the causes of leaky gut are as follows:
Regular use of painkillers
Regular use of antibiotics
Infections (such as HIV)
Autoimmune disorders
Alcohol abuse
Inflammatory bowel disease
Gluten hypersensitivity
Severe food allergies
Radiation therapy
Inflammatory disorders
Psychological stress
Unfriendly gut microbes such as H.Pylori

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According to recent studies, various harmful bacteria may also contribute directly to cognitive impairment as well as mood disorders, autism, anxiety, and of course, depression. Preliminary research suggests that the common gut microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) found in our gastrointestinal system (also known as the gut microbiome) directly influences your thoughts and feelings. Researchers have found that brain chemistry can be altered just by manipulating the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut.

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