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Gut Health Food Diet: Your Success Lies in a Personalized Approach 


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September 3,  2023

What Kind of Diet is Best for Gut Health? 

In looking for the best gut health food diet, one size certainly does not fit all. The key to unlocking the full potential of your gut health lies in embracing a personalized approach that tailors your diet to your unique needs and symptoms.

Individualized gut health food diets excel when looking to improve symptoms of poor gut health. There is no one-size-fits-all. This blog will help you discover your optimal daily foods; no guesswork is required!

Explore the depth of this topic with me in the upcoming content, where I delve further into the intricacies of personalized diets and the path to optimal gut health. Stay tuned for expert insights and practical advice!


What Foods are Best for Gut Health?


When you want to discover what foods are best for your gut health, consider finding out which foods are best for your gut and which are not. You can easily do this by running a food test on yourself. Let me explain.

gut health food diet

For many years, I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. I was so scared to leave the house in case I could not find the bathroom quickly.
When I started working in this field, I learned about food intolerance testing and how each person’s gut needs a different diet. I was astonished to see which foods I was reacting badly to.

Based on the test results, I changed my gut health food diet, and my stomach improved rather quickly. I had to remove some of my favorite foods, but I was okay if it meant no more symptoms.

Some foods tend to show as reactive on many test results, but for the most part, they are unique to that person. Common poor gut health triggers are gluten grains, eggs, and dairy. But I have seen weird items like lettuce, parsnips, chicken, carrots, and apples.

Before you jump and find a food test online, please wait and read more.
The test I run daily in my clinic is unique. It covers TWO immune pathways, not just one. IgG tells you which foods are causing inflammation in your entire body. IgG also tells you which foods contribute to weight gain.

IgA differs as it identifies foods directly linked to poor gut health, potentially harming your gut.

Lastly, it is vital to include a comprehensive gluten intolerance test to know if the gluten grains are safe to be added to your gut health food diet.

How Can I Repair My Gut With Diet? 


To repair your gut through diet, it’s crucial to identify the foods harming your gut health. While gluten often weakens the gut lining, individual food intolerances vary. For instance, if dairy negatively affects you, its proteins could lead to autoimmunity and many negative health symptoms. 

If food intolerance testing shows that dairy is harmful for you and you keep eating dairy eventually the proteins will leak into your blood stream and lead to autoimmunity. But on the flip side, if carrots for example test safe for your gut heath diet then they should not contribute to any adverse symptoms like autoimmunity. 

If you tend to do well with proteins, wouldn’t it be helpful to find out which proteins your gut is the best with and which it is not? You may think chicken is the best protein for your gut health diet, when in fact, grass fed beef may be healthier. 

Eliminating inflammatory foods and aligning your diet with digestion and gut health is a wise approach when repairing your gut with diet.

How Do You Boost Gut Health? 

As mentioned above, one way to boost your gut health is by discovering your food intolerances in the IgG and IgA immune pathways. 

Another way is to look inside and see what is in your gut. That is done by looking at your stool. Let me explain.

When someone has poor gut health symptoms, they may have gotten a harmful bacteria, pathogen, virus, or even a parasite in their gut that is causing poor gut health symptoms. 

Taking a random probiotic is a waste of time if that is what you think of doing. A probiotic deficiency is rarely the problem. 

In my clinic, I see many people wanting to boost their gut health, and it starts with learning exactly what their gut needs to heal. 

Here is a list of items that can help boost your gut health

gut health food die

    • eliminating harmful bacteria 
    • eliminating a parasite or worm 
    • making sure your body is making enough digestive enzymes to break down your food properly 
    • learning about your short-chain fatty acids and if you have enough 
    • checking your gut health inflammation levels to know how inflamed you are 
    • checking for leaky gut and then fixing it 

What Kind of Diet is Best for Gut Health? 

The solution is straightforward: the diet that suits your unique body is the one that is best for your  gut health. 

Tailoring your diet to your personal needs and sensitivities is critical to nurturing a healthy gut. It’s not about following one-size-fits-all trends but about listening to your body, testing, and understanding which foods support your digestive well-being. Embrace a personalized approach to unlock the full potential of your gut health.

If you are ready to improve the health of y our gut and learn what YOUR gut health food diet should be …. here are two things you can do now. 



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