By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

hair analysis testingThere are many ways in which the mineral zinc helps support good health and wellness. Some ways it helps us is via immune support, overall body strength, blood sugar balance, low insulin, sense of smell, skin health, emotional balance and hormone balance, especially when Testosterone or libido are low. Zinc can help with muscle strength while it helps make workout recovery easier. Food sources of zinc include whole grains, meats, seafood, dairy, nut and legumes.

First let’s talk about skin health and zinc. Acne and skin eruptions is something some people are challenged with. I’ve found zinc deficiencies in these clients to be pretty common. Zinc can help repair tissues and enable wound healing. Without optimal zinc levels your body can have a harder and slower time to heal. I was so surprised when I got tested for zinc and my levels were low, I started to support with 50mg a day and skin health improved very much.

Second let’s talk about zinc and the immune system. Many lozenges that can be purchased for cold and flu support contain zinc. When I get a cold, my dad always tells me to buy lozenges with zinc in them, because they seem to help reduce the severity of a cold with him. Some studies have shown zinc to help reduce colds by 50% and thus cuts down on days you are not feeling well and can contribute to a faster recovery.

Lastly, zinc deficiency has been linked to the emotional problem called Pyroluria. It is a condition found in some people who have serious psychiatric disorders, including severe depression, anxiety, mood swings, explosiveness and violent behavior,  alcoholism, memory problems, attention problems, academic underachievement, autism spectrum disorders and psychosis. It has to do with a deficiency in the mineral zinc and the vitamin B6. I have seen people with low zinc levels, start to use zinc support and their moods seem to improve.

One of the easiest and accurate ways to test for zinc and other minerals is by hair analysis testing. It will show all your minerals and if they are in balance with one another. The copper to zinc balance is very important as is sodium to potassium and calcium to magnesium.

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