hair analysis By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

A hair analysis is a powerful test to uncover important aspects about your health and wellness that you do not know. 

Did you know that only 2 tablespoons of hair can tell an enormous health story about you?   YES, your hair says a lot about you, and your health, including if you have a mineral deficiency or a toxic overload. A hair mineral analysis can also indicate if there is an imbalance within your body that needs further investigation. 

Many people these days simple do not eat the way they should. No judgement, life is busy, I understand. We are so busy with life, kids, social activities, work, church, friends, etc. We should eat a healthy, home-cooked meal every night, but that does not always happen. And the food we do eat is not enriched with natural minerals or nutrients like our parents or grandparents’ food was. 

So what happens? Our body starts to show signs of nutrient and mineral deficiency. All of this can be determined by looking at a hair analysis. Your hair is the 2nd biggest tissue in the body, next to your skin. What is in your hair, is in the rest of your body. And what is not in your hair is not in the rest of your body. 

If your bones are low in calcium or magnesium for example, it will be uncovered in a hair analysis. And thus you may have osteoporosis or osteopenia now or brewing. Your skin may not heal as well as it used to when it is bruised, and your hair may be showing signs of damage. That sounds like the mineral zinc deficiency. And when the heart starts doing odd fluttering things, nerves or muscles start acting up, that is usually a sign of a deficiency in the mineral magnesium, which can also show up in a hair mineral analysis.

Feeling stressed, wired and tired? Have you checked your sodium to potassium ratio levels? They can tell so much! If sodium and potassium are both high, there may be a high blood pressure issue or a high-stress level causing adrenal overload. If sodium and potassium are both low, the opposite can occur. Then there may be an adrenal burnout, chronic fatigue, and low thyroid or low blood pressure. Did you know that a hair analysis can show if there is a possibility of an underlying adrenal or thyroid issue? Absolutely!

And if metals are high, did you know this can cause minerals to “fall out” from where they are needed to go? Yes, that is right! If there is high aluminum, for example, it may cause what seems to be a calcium mineral deficiency even though you may be taking calcium. The calcium will not work FOR you if there is an aluminum overload.

Your hair is an exciting part of your body! It can uncover so much about YOU and your health.

What will a hair analysis uncover for YOU? Test and find out!

Our favorite test is called the COMPLETE Hair Test.

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