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By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Is your hair falling out, and if so, would you like to figure out why and fix it? 

Have you ever stopped to wonder why hair loss occurs as we age and your hair is different from when you were a child?  

While there are several common causes of hair loss and even bald spots, our goal is to figure things out for you and help you experience new hair growth. 

When I think about hair loss in women, I think about the fear of their hair falling out. I personally, as a woman, will do almost anything not to lose hair again. Yes, I said, again. 

When I first got into this field, I had fragile hair and did battle hair falling out by the handfuls. I was not a happy camper. As I started taking holistic nutrition and naturopathy classes, I learned to look for the common causes of hair loss and any condition, so the path to healing is clear. No guessing games! 

Here are some of the common causes of hair loss and what we do about it. 

1) Hormones and the hair: For years, I had my blood tested for hormone levels and were told they were fine. I took a few hormone balance classes, and most doctors did hormone testing in the saliva, not in the blood. They spoke about it being more accurate and told the story about what hormones were affecting the tissues. And your hair is a tissue, the 2nd largest tissue in the body, so it made sense to look at the tissue levels for hormones instead of the blood. 

I find that many women who experience their hair falling out have what I call “backward hormones.” I see their androgen hormones (testosterone, DHEA, DHT) are elevated, and their female hormones are low. Once we fix it, many experience hair growth. The other hormone issue I see is that hormones are high in the saliva, so the person is experiencing hormone overload and needs to be fixed. Hormone overload happens due to high chemical toxicity levels in the tissues, which affects our hormones and thus our hair. 

The second reason for hair falling out is a topic that is too popular these days. Stress! Yes, the stress of life, work, an illness, relationships, lack of sleep, the list goes on and on, and thus, hair loss occurs. In our hormone saliva test kits, we offer cortisol testing too throughout the day. If cortisol is high, you are stressed out, and if cortisol is low, you are burned out. Either way, stress is one of the common causes of hair loss and hair falling out. 

The third reason for hair falling out is the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland affects almost every metabolic process in the body through the hormones it produces. According to the American Thyroid Association, more than 20 million people in the United States have a thyroid condition. In addition, up to 60 percent of those with a thyroid condition are unaware that they have it. That was me, and it was not pleasant! When my hair was very fine and breaking, I was also tired and gaining weight too fast. Again, routine testing kept showing my thyroid levels were acceptable, but they indeed were not. Once I learned how to properly test the thyroid gland in classes, I was shocked to discover I, too, had a sluggish thyroid that needed treatment. 

The fourth reason for hair falling out is autoimmune diseases. Again I have personal experience with this too, plus I see and hear about it daily from my patients. If the immune system has been triggered to attack, it can attack the hair as easily as it can attack the joints or stomach. My job here is to teach patients how to call off the autoimmune disease attack to feel better, and their hair loss stops. 

The fifth reason for hair falling out is iron deficiency anemia or B12 and folate deficiency. We run comprehensive blood testing on people with the test for both, plus thyroid, inflammation, and so much more. 

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