By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

hair sample analysis I am a big fan of biologic dentists. This type of dentists sees your teeth and gums as an important part of your health and body. Any treatment needed will take this into account. They want to fix your dental problems without compromising or hindering your health and wellness.

People with auto immunity can have a flare that will not go away due to the immune system over reacting to a metal implant. There is also something called oral galvanism which leads to the feeling of an electrical current going through the body which can lead to imbalances and symptoms. A galvanic toxicity can occur when the metal in the filling reacts with the saliva in your mouth and overstimulates your brain causing nervous system problems like extreme anxiety and trouble sleeping. A person may have a toxicity or an auto immune reaction to an implant but they can also have an allergy to one. Some allergy symptoms can be a rash, headaches pain, dizziness etc.

Most people do fine with metal implants but others do not. We had a client recently in that started having all kinds of symptoms just a few weeks after a titanium implant was placed in their mouth. They started having cold and flu like symptoms which followed by severe headaches and brain fog. Next came pain symptoms throughout most of her body including their shoulders, neck, hands and knees. They also had bouts of extreme dizziness.

We did a hair sample analysis and discovered high levels of titanium which was the exact metal that was placed in their mouth. They had the metal removed from their mouth and started on a metal detox support program.

This can happen to anyone. Make sure your dentist knows if you have a weakened immune system and when in doubt find a biologic dentist in your area.

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