By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

If you take a moment and look all around you, it seems like everyone is busy, busy, busy. We are a society that multitasks and tries to get as much done as possible in one day. There seems to be a false sense of achievement in how much we can do in a single day in regards to limiting our sleep. We may put high expectations on ourselves or receive them from work, school, home, the religious community and even social media. The truth is that we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and this means getting enough sleep. Going without a proper amount of sleep may make you look like an overachiever for a little while, but it will eventually take its toll on you sooner or later.

Getting enough sleep is just as necessary as eating. If you do not eat, you will not survive very long. In the same way, sleep promotes the body’s growth, restoration, and self-healing which is necessary for survival too. Not having enough sleep can cause moodiness, anxiety, brain fog, depression, low libido, and weight gain. A lack of sleep will cause your brain not to perform proficiently on a daily basis, in the long run, it can cause chronic illnesses too.

Some of the harmful side effects that are caused by a lack of sleep are:
Risk of chronic diseases
Impaired cognitive function
Weak immune system
Digestive system
Weight gain
Risk of cardiovascular problems

These are just a few general side effects that sleep deprivation can lead to because the body is unable to repair itself without sleep. This is avoidable and most likely reversible if addressed in time by getting the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep regularly. However, what if someone tries to sleep but has problems falling or staying asleep? Can anything be done besides opting for sleeping pills? Yes, there are tips such as eat healthily, exercise, have a regular bed routine, and a soothing sleep environment. However, if all attempts have been made but sleep deprivation still is an issue, there may be an adrenal hormonal issue involved.

For the people who are unable to rest or sleep, or who feel tired no matter how much sleep they get, it is possible that they have Adrenal Fatigue. High levels of the hormone cortisol which is in direct correlation to adrenal fatigue can rob a person of satisfying sleep. Low levels of cortisol can prevent you from being able to do the things in life that you want. Low cortisol can also be indicative of a serious infection that your body is having trouble eliminating. If this resonates with you or you want to test for adrenal fatigue, now you can perform our Adrenal Fatigue Test.

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