By Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

The Link Between Headaches and Toxic MetalsHeadaches are such a conundrum! Where did it come from? Something I ate? The way I slept? Stress, anger, diet…these are all go-to’s when we have an occasional headache but what if you are prone to headaches more often than most people?

The link between headaches and toxic metals is much more common and probably something that never crossed your mind right? Testing for toxic metals such as cadmium, iron, lead, and mercury isn’t our first thought when we have a headache, but these metals can be found in the tissues of the body. When these amounts are high, they become toxic and begin to have effects on our health, like these mysterious headaches and migraines.

We are all exposed to toxic metals daily, it can’t be avoided, but we can detox our system when it is overwhelmed. Think about the copper pipes our water runs through at home, cooking with an iron skillet, pesticides on our food, in our yard and girls, our hair products…sad but true!

At Nutritionally Yours we offer four hair analysis kits for you to find The Link Between Headaches and Toxic Metals in your body. Hair Analysis is key to seeing what is happening in your body right now versus a blood test which doesn’t show what’s happening at a cellular level. Our favorite is the COMPLETE Hair analysis test but all of them are excellent!

Albert Einstein said, “The solution to a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem.”

Like a warning light in your car, a headache is an indicator that your body needs your attention! I think of my son when he was about 4 years old, standing in the kitchen wanting a snack from the pantry pulling on my shirt saying “MOM,” “MOM,” “MOM,”…about 90 times!

To solve the problem or symptom, we must get to the root of it. If you feel that toxic metals could be the culprit of your health issues like headaches choose the hair analysis kit that is right for you. Seeing YOUR results will give you direction without a doubt!

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