By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Vacation, everyone needs one, and sometimes you need a vacation after the vacation! Not so with these vacation spots. We looked into the 3 of the best states that offer the healthiest holidays for staying active and fit so that you can feel reinvigorated instead of exhausted. If you plan correctly, you may end up lighter and healthier than you were before you took off for vacation! For the health conscience, these three states will have you wowed during your vacation!

Colorado looking to get fit, relax, and adventure? Colorado may be your one stop vacation spot! Colorado offers beautiful scenery all around with its mountains, lakes, rivers, and mineral-rich hot springs. Colorado is considered to have the fittest people in the nation, so you know that you will enjoy being active no matter which outdoor activities you choose. The outdoor activities are almost endless from canyoning, hiking, cycling or high- altitude sailing. Afterward, you can opt to relax at one of Colorado’s many spa resorts or relax in a beautiful hot spring.

California is perfect for singles, couples, and families.
Have you seen the commercial, where they say, “They say Californians are living the dream!“?
Well it seems pretty true with their epic waterfalls, glorious mountains, beach, wine country, and delicious Californian cuisines, what is not to enjoy? It sounds pretty close to a perfect vacation state to me. Thinking about making California a reality vaca? As they say in Cali, “California-Dream Big!”

Arizona is another great state that offers it all from leisure and relation to outdoor activities and exploring. Canyoning, hiking, horseback riding, water sports, water activities and more, Arizona is an exciting state to explore! Just want to relax? Arizona offers some of the best spas in the world!

You Can Have a Healthy Vacation Regardless Where You Choose to Go by Preparing and Planning

Here are some simple things you can do in advance to keep you healthy while on vacation anywhere:

*Packing a pair of tennis shoes so you can plan on walking more.
*Pack healthy snacks for on the go, so you are not tempted to eat junk.
*Call ahead or go on-line and look up menus so you can have an idea of what to order when you arrive.
*Call ahead to see if your dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, etc. can be accommodated.

Check out the links in the reference section for more information on each state listed!

No matter where You go, we hope that you have a wonderful vacation! After all, You deserve one!:)

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