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I am Alane, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Naturopath based in Atlanta. I help people get to the root cause of health and wellness struggles to feel more confident and accomplish more in life.

You are unique with your own vitamin supplement, gut health, hormones, detox, and diet needs. My testing services can answer all the questions you have to what does my body need to perform at optimal levels and what toxins do I need to be concerned with.

How It Works

Comprehensive Nutritional Testing Kits To Get You the Answers You Desire and Provide You With a Clear Path to Optimal Health, Improved Longevity, & a Happier Life. Feeling Healthier Enables Us to Enjoy Living This Wonderful Life to the Fullest.

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Take the First Step Towards a Healthier YOU When You Order One of Our Wellness Testing Kits.

Nutrition test kits provide answers for symptoms that give you a clear direction back to better health to put that healthy smile back on your face.

People are smart; they usually know when something is wrong. They feel like there is a particular imbalance in their body. They need to see it and have a clear path on how to feel healthier to enjoy the things they desire in life. There could be a vitamin deficiency, food intolerance, toxin, an autoimmune issue, or a hormone imbalance contributing to symptoms or health challenges.

You may be feeling unwell, unbalanced, tired, stressed, and unclear, and you need to know why. When you order a nutritional test kit from us, we mail it to you right away to get the answers you need and desire. Most test results come with a personalized protocol to help you feel healthier, happier, and more confident in life.

“Hi, I am Alane, and I understand your desire for answers and a clear direction to feel better and live life to the fullest. I have lived and mastered my own health challenge and work hard to help others achieve their wellness goals and desires so they can reduce their stress and live happier and healthier.”

Need more personalized guidance so we can get to know and help you more?

BOOK a virtual wellness appointment today, so I can listen to your health concerns and guide you on the right path right back to feeling fantastic again. Let’s get you happy, smiling, confident, and full of energy and actively live this wonderful life.

Too many people let symptoms and health challenges stop them from living the life they desire and deserve. Answers and a clear direction are easy to find

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