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How to Burn Fat Fast and Get Healthy. 


Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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December 30, 2022

Butterflies symbolize change, hope and transformation. 

In this blog, I share my 3 secrets on how to burn fat fast and enjoy the benefits of staying in a fat-burning state, like losing weight and living a more active and confident life. Hi, I am Alane, a 30+ year holistic nutritionist and metabolic expert. I do not struggle to help people burn fat fast, so they lose the inches they want.

Step 1: How to Become Fat-Adaptive. Most people, from day one, are running on sugar for energy instead of utilizing fat, which is the healthier and best way to burn fat fast. The idea is to teach your body how to burn fat fast by teaching it how to become and maintain being fat-adapted. (using fat for fuel). When you are fat-adaptive, you will be amazed at how many health benefits you will feel and see, including weight loss.

During the first few months, when I had changed from using sugar for energy to being fat-adaptive for fuel, I immediately noticed improvements. Thee were incredible improvements in my shape, better brain focus and mental clarity, better decision-making, stronger hair, looking and feeling younger, and the ability to do more during the day—all good. Plus, yes, I was shrinking by burning fat fast. 

Other benefits of teaching your body to be fat-adaptive to burn fat fast. 

1. Reduced overall appetite 

2. Reduced or eliminated sugar and carb cravings 

3. Improved brain focus so you can get more done efficiently in a day 

5. More energy to do more with your family and friends during the day. 

6. Fat burning and more effortless weight loss, which means more confidence and longevity 

I created a simple and effective program anyone can do called metabolic mastery. Yes, it focuses on the metabolism because if it is not working right, your ability to burn fat fast will be slower, no matter how little you eat or exercise you do. 

For example, I had a 52-year-old busy mom come to see me locally – a doctor I am friends with sent her in to see me to figure out what her body needs to burn fat so she can finally get the weight off she wants. Step 1 was I ran comprehensive metabolic labs on her – she said she had never seen such thorough blood work and was amazed at her results. 

For her, all of her fat storage markers were high, and her protein was low. And as far as her hormones, they were all high, contributing to a slower fat burn even though she exercised 4x a week. I changed her diet, taught her the metabolic mastery plan, and we had massive success. She lost 20 pounds in only a few short weeks, and the weight has stayed off. Why? Because the program works, and we made it individualized towards her. 

Step 2: Another way I have my clients learn how to burn fat for energy is by drinking the pruvit brand ketones. 

The link is here, and I love this product. I will not go without even for a day. My friend, a top fitness trainer Shane Freels taught me about the excellent fat-burning and health-improving benefits of drinking ketones. I start my day by waking up with a smile and sipping on ketones. I pick a different flavor every day as I love all of them. Then I fast for a few hours – you don’t have to, but you can if you want. 

ketones link 

Intermittent fasting can give your body a food break. Drinking the ketones helps curb my appetite so I can last until 11 or 12 to eat my first meal. And my energy is sky-high after drinking the ketones, so I do not have an energy drop because I am not eating. 

Step 3: When teaching people how to burn fat fast, we have to discuss food. But precisely, what to eat, when, and why. I have 30+ years of experience in holistic nutrition and metabolism. I know what to eat to burn fat and keep it off. How much protein, fat, and net carbs do you need to eat, and when and why. And what is the deal with fruit? Is it sugar? Can you eat it or not? And explain why some people can eat fat to lose weight and others cannot. It is all covered in what I teach. I often teach that protein is protein and fat is fat. 

Of course, another way to learn how to burn fat fast is to exercise if you can. I do 15 -20 min of cardio daily and 30 min of resistance training. But you do not have to exercise to burn fat fast with me. I understand pain, inflammation, and many people’s problems with exercising. My plan is simple: change the diet, and learn about ketones and how they can help you burn fat so you can reduce pain and inflammation in the body with the hope that one day soon, you can enjoy a more active and healthier life. 

Do I understand how to burn fat fast and keep it off? Yes, I gained 30 pounds during menopause and was not a happy camper. I used this scientific plan and lost weight, which has stayed off. I have had thousands of successes and can teach people how to burn fat and lose weight. 

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