By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC,

how to improve energy

I hear these words daily with my clients. They want to know how to improve energy naturally and leaving you feeling alive again!

Here are some helpful tips for boosting your energy.

1. HOW TO IMPROVE ENERGY BY DRINKING WATER- This is the easiest way to boost energy levels. You must keep the supply steady and replenish your levels. Breathing, sweating, urinating, and other bodily functions can cause us to lose water quickly. Many people are invariably dehydrated and do not even know it. Dehydration can lead to you feeling tired, having headaches, losing focus, and poor mental health, including mood swings.

Drinking plenty of water to stay adequately hydrated is the easiest way to answer the vital question of how to improve energy.

Drinking tea, coffee, sodas, and alcohol can further your dehydration, so only pure water counts. Not a fan of plain water? Try adding fresh fruit or citrus to flavor. Try different waters spring, filtered, and tap water; all have different subtle tastes.


Set a sleep schedule and set yourself up for success. Stick to the same bedtime every night, even on the weekends. When it starts to get dark naturally outside, reduce your screen time with the electronics.

Eliminating the artificial blue light can help you regain your circadian rhythms and will help you to fall asleep easier. Staying up too late on blue light and being jolted out of a sleep cycle by your alarm causes cortisol spikes. Try naturally to wake up before your alarm goes off. If you need to be on the computers, consider purchasing a blue light blocker pair of glasses. But I have found even the electromagnetic effects of the electronics mess me up.

Need an alarm clock? Try one that helps in reducing stress, not adding to it. Try a gradual light alarm, with natural light waves gradually brightening your room to end your sleep. Lastly, if you sleep with a clock shining near you, choose red light, stay away from blue and green.

I recently moved into a new home and had a lot of trouble falling asleep. It took weeks for me to figure out the problem. It was my alarm clock! I had lost my red light one and was using a green light one. I quickly bought a simple clock with a red light and slept much better.

3. EAT INTENTIONALLY AND A BALANCED DIET. This how to improve energy tip seems like it should be a no-brainer. Still, when we are tired and stressed, and our blood sugar level is off, our mitochondria start making decisions for us, which are hard to ignore. If you have eaten sugar and you feel off-balanced – try taking some fiber to balance things out. A diet of high fiber helps you feel full and can help you sleep better.

Just like with sleep, make a plan. Make a grocery list and stick to it! IF you can’t shop without buying all the extras, send someone else with your list and cash! Get the junk out of the house and office (where possible). Think about what you are about to eat and how it is going to make you feel.

Have you ever jonesed for a sugar buzz for energy just to be left crashed and hungry 15 minutes later? These cravings can be managed by sticking to your plan. Every meal/snack should have protein, healthy fats, greens, and fiber.

Need to learn how to eat a more balanced and energized diet? We can help! Book your initial virtual nutrition appointment today!

Want to learn more about vitamins and minerals and the right ones your body needs for energy boosters? Consider our vitamin and mineral (intracellular) blood test. 

Lastly, learn more about what YOUR body needs. My absolute favorite thing to do for people is comprehensive blood work. I hear daily how much of a help this is for people. They get answers they did not know and may never have known.

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