How To Know If You Need IgG Allergy TestingBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC

Have you been to the allergist and have been told everything is negative and you are fine? This dilemma seems to happen frequently to people with food allergy symptoms. This is because traditionally an allergist tests their patients in the IgE immune pathway. If you have true allergies to food then you may have symptoms of swelling, skin eruptions, difficulty breathing right after you eat a particular food, etc. True allergy symptoms occur right after a problem food is eaten so they are relatively easy to discover.

The difference with IgG Allergy Testing is that the IgG immune pathway identifies delayed food reactions, not necessarily immediate reactions. The symptoms tend to be more of an inflammatory reaction instead of an allergy reaction. The IgG reactions can be anything from gas and bloating, puffiness, constipation, brain fog, headaches, weight gain, fatigue, aches and pains and more. The IgG allergy reactions can take up to 2-3 days to appear.

The main benefit of IgG Allergy Testing is getting answers! IgG allergies are harder to identify then true allergies. And the IgG Allergies can be totally different from person to person. A healthy food like spinach or apples can trigger and IgG allergy reaction.

If you are troubled with your diet and not knowing what foods are REALLY ok for YOU, then IgG Allergy testing is right for YOU! The IgG Allergy Testing can tell you if the food you are eating daily or weekly should be eliminated entirely or just reduced. If an IgG Food allergy tests at a +1 then just reduce the food but if it tests at a +3 or higher you will need to totally eliminate the food from your diet. Sometimes a +2 or +3 food can be added back in very temporarily once the food has been removed from the diet for a few months. The only food we never suggest adding back in, once it is removed, is gluten as autoimmune attacks can be triggered.

How do you know if you need IgG Allergy Testing? If you have any inflammatory symptoms, then you do!

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