How to Lose Belly fat in a month

 How to Lose Belly Fat in a Month

Alane Stieglitz-Wincek
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December 30, 2022

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Please show me how to lose belly fat in a month is one of the requests I hear daily.  For some people, belly fat is really hard to lose but it can be done. I will show you how.  Some people can exercise to lose belly fat and some cannot and that is understandable. Let me show you simple ways to lose even the most stubborn belly fat in a month even without exercise.

Step 1 Has to Do With Food: Yes food is one of the keys when it comes to losing belly fat. Most people I find, simply do not know how to eat to lose belly fat quickly and continue to keep it off.  I  will show you exactly what to eat, it is really easy. No counting calories, no dieting, no skipping meals unless you want to. And you will use everyday food you find at any local grocery store. 

The main adjustment you can make when you are trying to lose belly fat in a month is to eat to stay in a ketogenic or fat burning state. This has nothing to do with eating a high fat diet. I will teach you how to eat simple, everyday foods and burn fat.  

I created a program with my 30+ years of experience called Metabolic Mastery. In it you will learn how to build muscle at the same time so you stay strong and active while having the ability to lose belly fat in a month. My program will teach you exactly how much protein, carbs, fat, to eat, when and why I personally eat 80-100 Grams of lean protein everyday. I feel stronger, look leaner, focus better and my hair is super shiny and strong that way. And of course my belly is flatter. 

One rule of thumb for my clients is that fat is fat and protein is protein. Too many times I see people eating a high fat diet and they are protein deficient. Don’t be confused with good fat, yes there is good fat and bad fat, but it is fat, not protein. One simple lesson in how to lose belly fat in 1 month is to make sure you are eating 80-100 grams of lean, organic protein per day or 20 grams per meal. 

You will not hear me talk about the benefits of calorie counting to lose belly fat in a month. I care more about carbs, protein and fat amounts. 

Step two: is to look at your metabolism so you know precisely what your metabolism needs so you have success in losing belly fat in one monthYour metabolism is different from everyone else’s which is why I always stress getting comprehensive metabolic labs done so you have the ultimate success you want.

For example, if you are struggling with losing belly fat I want to look at your leptin and inflammation levels. This will give me a really good idea what your diet should be and what your metabolism needs to speed up for you. I also want to look at your complete thyroid levels, not just TSH to have a true understanding of your thyroid health which directly affects your metabolism. 

Other things my blood work looks for is why is your body storing fat in the first place, is there fatty liver, are detox pathways open, are you spiking insulin leading to belly fat, how are your hormones?

The 3rd way to lose belly fat in a month is to drink ketones.  I love ketones but only one brand. I drink a specific brand of ketones every morning when I wake up instead of coffee. Ketones can provide you with the ability to lose belly fat faster, and yes in a month and keeps you in a fat burning state longer. Other health benefits are better mental clarity, stronger hair and nails, a stronger immune system, looking and feeling younger, and the ability to be more active in life. 

Drinking ketones help you burn fat for energy. We could all use more energy. 

And friends, drinking ketones has absolutely nothing to do with eating fat so you can eat regular food and drink ketones for great results. Now if you just want to drop a few pounds, drinking them 1 time a day should be fine, but most of my clients drink them twice a day and they see the fastest loss regarding belly fat. 

Here is the link to the ketones I like. I only drink Nat / Charged in the morning and either the same mid afternoon or the decaf. 

Fourth Step: you want saliva hormone and cortisol testing: If you are walking around with belly fat and you want to be able to lose belly fat in a month or so, making sure your hormones are at optimal levels in the tissues is vital. If they are not, the belly fat hormone called cortisol will be elevated which will make losing belly fat harder for you. Blood testing is not good enough when weight loss is the goal. Saliva is the only way to show you if hormones are low or high in the tissues and where cortisol is throughout the entire day and night. 

Is it possible to learn how to lose belly fat in a month? Absolutely if you have a plan that works that includes all the mentioned steps and a few more. I have a plan that works, it has worked for me and thousands of other people. Yes I gained 30 pounds when menopause hit, I was not happy, but that is when I created my metabolic mastery program and lost 30 pounds in 12 short weeks. I can tell you that I do not struggle to get weight off anyone. 

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