How To Tell If I Am Getting Enough Fats In My DietBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC

It would never cross my mind to think I don’t have enough fat in my diet! Definitely not me!  But I’m sure many people experience symptoms they may never realize has everything to do with having too much or too little fat in their diet.

Dry skin seems like a pretty common sense issue to relate to fat but how about sensory overload or vision problems? Omega 3 fats may help stave off macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the world. Help improve glaucoma and reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Sensory overload? People who feel irritated, overwhelmed or overexcited in a crowd may merely be lacking Omega 3’s! Imagine learning all this from a  Vitamin and Mineral Test Kit?  It’s really that easy!

Having the proper balance of Omegas (Fats) in your diet may be the key to feeling energetic again. Eating fewer carbs and more good fats in the morning may keep you feeling fuller longer. Carbohydrate-rich meals can drain your energy by lunchtime and also wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels.

Finding the proper balance is easier than you think! Let us show you how.  Learn the levels of your vitamins, minerals, omega fats, antioxidants, amino acids and more!

The more knowledge you have about your body, the better it can be.

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