IBS and stress By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

Let’s Stop the IBS and Stress Cycle. 

So, what do IBS and stress have in common? They spin each other up! If I had a nickel for every stomach ache, a gulp of Kaopectate or Pepto, every minute spent in the bathroom when I was younger, waiting for the knots in my intestines to settle before I could leave and lie down, I’d never run out of nickels! EVER!

Anxiety may not be the root cause of IBS, but I can assure you that it is relentless when the two meet for so many people. I’ve dealt with symptoms of IBS since I was a young girl around age 10. Life did get a little hectic at the same time. My family does deal with some anxiety, and coping with this unnatural disaster (IBS) over two decades has given me an experience I would rather not have! 

Our colon is in part controlled by the nervous system, which responds to stress, which means these two really need to dig deep if they don’t get along! Feeling anxious in certain situations brings on stress, maybe because of the problems your irritable colon could create. This leaves you uninterested in joining friends and family for a night out or just even a quick trip to the store. Being isolated creates depression, so this tornado now becomes a snowball effect! But there is absolutely a solution for everyone, you just have to work at finding those changes that better your mind and body.

In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible. Marcus Tullius Cicero

I did two things to get my IBS and stress reactions under control once and for good. This worked on me and has worked on hundreds of clients from all over the USA.

First, changing my diet was a no brainer! I did food intolerance testing to show which foods my stomach did not like. I removed the severe and moderate foods that tested positive and my IBS improved rather quickly. YAY!  Turned out that one of my favorite foods, parsnips, wheat and red meat were terrible for me.  Now I can go out as I like, spend long periods of time in the car without a care in the world. YAY!

Phew. Healing takes time, and every BODY is different, mentally and physically you can gain confidence and have a life again!

Testing for gut health through our stool testing kit was essential to my IBS healing too! Testing for bacteria levels (good and bad bacteria), leaky gut, parasites, enzyme needs, and malabsorption with our #1  stool test kit  will answer many questions and provide clarity for how to feel better.

Gather your sample,  mail it to the lab and results are returned to you in about 3 weeks along with a simple protocol. If you should need further assistance, we are always here to explain your results in depth.

Free email Q & A is available plus we offer one-to-one health and nutrition, virtual appointments so we can help people more.

*Food intolerance testing provides diet clarity for IBS and stress
*Stool testing provides answers to what is in your gut that is causing the IBS and stress response. 
*Protocol guides you on what you need to live a happier, healthier and more active life without all of those uh oh moments. 
*Need more help? Schedule a 1-1 virtual health appointment today so I can help you more. 
*I stopped living with IBS symptoms and you can do this too. 
*Amazing health improving results seen with hundreds  of clients 

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