By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC

IgG Blood test When you visit an allergist to learn which food you are allergic to, they typically run a scratch test for allergies or and IgE blood test. For some reason they do not run and IgG immunoglobulin blood test which can provide you with even more answers. IgE is a true “allergy” reaction but IgG immunoglobulin G is not. An IgE allergy reaction releases histamine which causes an immediate symptom. IgG is the main immune system pathway that causes an antibody reaction and a delayed reaction which can be considered an “intolerance” or “sensitivity” but not a true “allergy”. Some practitioners do not believe that an IgG reaction can be as disturbing to the body as a true IgE reaction can be, so they do not test it.

As people are getting more and more sick and the sicknesses we see are worse and worse I am seeing more people that do have IgE food reactions PLUS IgG food reactions with some being pretty severe. Some symptoms of an IgG food reaction can be stomach aches, headaches, pain syndromes, trouble sleeping, leg pain, fatigue, lack of focus, sinusitis, asthma, emotional ups and downs and more. When the patients change their food intake as per their IgG test results symptoms tend to improve and so does life quality which is so important!

An IgE reaction is normally easy for a person to find as they react almost immediately after eating a particular food. An IgG reaction is usually more difficult to figure out as the reaction can be hours away from the time the particular food was eaten. I have seen test results come back where there were a few IgG reactions and then I have seen test results come back where there were many IgG positive foods. What I have learned is that the more IgG foods that are positive, the more the person’s gut is an issue. If someone has trouble with absorption for instance, their immune system will usually be reacting to more foods then if their gut was strong and healthy. I also see more people testing for more and more foods that have compromised immune systems or auto immunity.

An IgG blood test is easy to do. Once you order through our clinic we mail you a test kit and the location of a lab near you to perform the blood draw. Test results take about 3 weeks and are mailed to you with a full color rotation diet.

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Medical disclaimer: A n IgG blood test and all other testing cannot be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All test results are to be used as educational materials and as a guide to help support your overall health and wellness. Always discuss health concerns with your medical doctor.