IGG reactions in Food By Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

Our immune system is our personal army! Its job is to continually protect us against bacteria, viruses and any potentially harmful organisms. Our body produces cells called immunoglobulins, or antibodies. Five significant immunoglobulins are protecting us but let’s discuss IgG in particular.
IgG Reactions in food refers to delayed immune reactions to certain foods.

This is how IgG Reactions In Food happens…you had a great dinner, regular evening and later on maybe that night or during the following day or two, you develop a migraine headache, bloating or IBS symptoms, or perhaps you’re much more fatigued than usual. These are delayed reactions that can only be narrowed down with IgG food sensitivities testing. When an IgG reaction in food occurs the antibodies attach themselves to the offensive food antigen and are usually removed by specialized cells called macrophages. However, when the offenders can’t be removed quickly enough, they accumulate eventually depositing into body tissues.

Once in our tissue, these complexes release inflammation-causing chemicals and can play a role in numerous diseases and conditions. Eliminating IgG reactive foods from our diet can be a fantastic boost to our health directly because continued consumption can contribute to weight gain and many additional symptoms or health challenges.

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