By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Russell Shein

igg testIssues that stem from food intolerances are the direct result of the body’s immune system response to the intake of problem foods. When the body detects a foreign invader, it releases immunoglobulin antibodies to fight off the invader. In the case of food, there are two types of these antibodies. IgE antibodies are the result of extreme food allergies – the ones characterized by the staple anaphylaxis, hives, etc. Food intolerances, however, are much broader in their range of symptoms. These are linked to the IgG food responses – which make up about 70% of all circulating antibodies. The reason our body has negative symptoms from food intolerance reactions is due to the way our body fights off certain food. When IgG antibodies fight off a problem food, it leads to inflammation. This inflammation can cause symptoms all over the body, and the symptoms are often delayed making them difficult to trace to a specific food. IgG food intolerances can lead to issues with skin, the gut, pain, brain fog, and even with weight. The best way to find out what foods you are intolerant of is with an IgG test. Once we have your results, we send them to you along with a detailed rotation diet to help you start feeling better.

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