IgG TestBy Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

An IgG test can immediately teach us how to guard our immune system more.  Its job is to continually protect us against bacteria, viruses, and any potentially harmful organisms. Our body produces cells called immunoglobulins, or antibodies. Five significant immunoglobulins are protecting us but let’s discuss IgG in particular.

An IgG test looks at the reactions to food in this delayed immune system pathway. An IgG test is essential to good health, as IgG food reactions can be challenging to figure out without testing.

IgG Test Positive Food Example: You had a great dinner, regular evening, and later on maybe that night or during the following day or two, you develop a migraine headache, bloating or IBS symptoms, or perhaps you’re much more tired than usual. These are delayed reactions that can only be narrowed down with an IgG test for food sensitivities.

When an IgG reaction in food occurs, the antibodies attach themselves to the offensive food antigen. They are usually removed by specialized cells called macrophages. However, when the offenders can’t be removed quickly enough, they accumulate, eventually depositing into body tissues. Thus some people feel like their body is under attack after eating a food that tested positive on an IgG test.

Once in our tissues, these complexes release inflammation-causing chemicals and play a role in numerous symptoms, diseases, and conditions. Eliminating IgG-reactive foods from our diet can be a fantastic boost to our health. Continued consumption can contribute to weight gain, pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, many additional symptoms, and health challenges.

At Nutritionally Yours, we offer a 200 IgG Test For Food Reactions + Additives + Gluten Intolerance. Once ordered, our lab mails the kit to you right away. This test can be done with a finger prick or a blood draw. If you order the blood draw, we will provide you with the name and address of a facility near you to perform the test. There is usually a small additional fee for this service. (around $25).

Results are emailed to you in about 3-4 weeks to fully explain how you will want to adjust your diet plan.

BONUS: All test results come with Alane’s easy dietary swaps for better health and wellness report and her anti-inflammatory diet guidance.

ORDER your IgG Test today to discover foods you may be reacting to.

I react to parsnips, corn, red meat and gluten grains and I was overjoyed to find out so my health could improve and it did! 

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