is candida bad? By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

Is Candida bad? What is Candida? Candida is a fungus, and the most common type is called Candida Albicans also most commonly known as a yeast infection or overgrowth. Normally a little candida is useful because it assists with nutrient absorption and digestion when it is balanced. However, when candida growth is too high, it can cause all kinds of health problems. Most people do not know that they have Candida and yet it is usually the start to many severe infections, symptoms and illnesses. You usually cannot see candida which makes it hard to catch, and its symptoms are related to so many other conditions that it is easily missed.

Here is a list of several symptoms that candida is usually behind:
Bad Breath
Brain Fog
Bloating or Belching
Chronic sinus and Allergies
Fatigue and Mood swings
Hormone Imbalance
Low Libido
Joint Pain
Vaginal Itching, Burning or Discharge
Weak Immune System
White Coat on Tongue
The feeling that you can never recover from and illness easily.
Trouble breathing which causes sleeping disturbances
Acne or skin eruptions that will not go away for good

Now hold on before you start to run for a prescription or even supplement that could do more harm than help! The first thing you need to know is do you Have candida albicans? You can easily do a stool test at home to reveal that answer.

Candida can be very bad especially for those who already have a weakened immune system or autoimmunity. But the good news is that it Can be eliminated and in most cases naturally through nutrition and certain supplements! We offer a test called the Comprehensive Parasitology x3. This stool test is far more advanced than any other stool analysis profile AND it also tests for good bacteria, bad bacteria, parasites, candida and other types of fungus! This test is a 3 day collection because one day stool collections can miss too much important information about what is going in your body.

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