natural treatment for adrenal fatigueBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC

There are many natural treatments to help improve adrenal fatigue. Some are herbals, and some contain animal glandulars, others contain vitamins, etc. But, when there is a true adrenal fatigue, the answer is not to just pop a pill! There is work for YOU to do to support your burnt out adrenal glands, so the adrenal fatigue improves and does not come back.

Some herbs and supplements that may treat adrenal fatigue:
Mushroom blends
Holy Basil
Adrenal Cortex
B vitamins
Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin C

How your diet plays an essential part in being a natural treatment for adrenal fatigue
Cutting out sugar
Remove foods you are sensitive to (look at our IgG IgE Testing)
Eat a lot of colorful vegetables
Eat Lean and clean proteins
Eat some whole grain, gluten-free carbs (enjoy them, but do not overindulge)
Remove alcohol
Consider adding resistant starches to your diet (UCAN, brown rice, beans, legumes)

Daily things to consider when there is adrenal fatigue
Say yes to family and fun time.

Relax: You may work hard all week, but make sure to enjoy time with your besties. Enjoy a meal together and / or watch a movie.
Learn to say “no”  If you are a people pleaser, take a step back and take care of YOU for a while. Someone else will help out when you cannot.
Eat simple. Eating and getting healthy does not have to be exhausting! There are many food delivery services now that are happy to bring a healthy meal right to your front door!
Cook simple. Meals do not have to be complicated. A healthy meal can mean a fully cooked chicken you picked up on your way home from Sprouts or Whole Foods. Enjoy a side of frozen vegetables and cook some quick brown rice with grass fed butter. Or open up a can of garbanzo beans and dump them over a bag of colorful salad.
Ask for help! Especially moms want to take care of everyone in the family, and we burn out pretty fast! Speak up, ask your kids to empty and then refill the dishwasher, ask your husband to pick up food on his way home from work, ask your kids to read YOU a book before bed.
Pick your friends wisely. It is OK to avoid people that wear you out! It is ok to realize some of your circle of friends are always critical. Hang out with people that lift you up, respect you and love you just the way you are.

So, YES there are natural ways to treat adrenal fatigue. With every adrenal fatigue test kit, we provide a natural protocol to support optimal health and wellness.

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