By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC, and Maria Cummings

Yes, today we are “going there” with PTSD which is short for post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is usually associated with wartime stress and common among war veterans. However, PTSD can come from any life-threatening events and severe trauma that are not always linked to combat. Some examples include being hurt, battling an illness, losing someone very close to you, or even witnessing someone die. Even a child can have PTSD. The bottom line is that it boils down to regularly being in pain or being constantly stressed.

When it comes to emotional or physical pain, the typical treatments include one to one or group therapy and sometimes medications, but there any other options available.  Besides or including proper counseling, there is exercise (which will contribute to amping up your feel-good endorphins), relaxing time will help, and good quality sleep can be very beneficial. Sometimes PTSD causes some folks to have worn out adrenal glands from at first producing too much adrenaline or cortisol and then as the stress continues the adrenals get burnt out and reduce the amount of hormones being produced which makes the symptoms even worse. When a person has an adrenal malfunction and unbalanced cortisol levels adrenal hormone support may be needed. Unfortunately, the sex hormones and adrenal hormones are often missed when dealing with PTSD, which is a shame because unbalanced hormones of any kind can make PTSD worse. Balancing the adrenals and cortisol can help improve a person’s overall state of well-being. Cortisol levels should be relatively elevated in the morning and drop slightly throughout the day being low enough at night to allow you to sleep.

There is Hope, and You can get your life back from PTSD. If you have tried counseling and other options, maybe it is time to check your cortisol levels and adrenals. There are many ways to manage PTSD, whether it be through counseling, nutrition, or medications. We offer another option, and that is testing your adrenals and cortisol level with our Adrenals Test (Cortisol x4) + DHEA-S test kit. Our test kit will detect if your adrenals and cortisol levels need to be balanced. Many people have recovered from PTSD and you can too. Just be sure to address your symptoms so that the condition does not get worse by developing other disorders such as major depression and anxiety disorders. We care about you, and we have the tools to help you.

Take an action step towards your healing because YOU CAN get past PTSD!

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