By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Russell Shein

home allergy test An allergy is what happens when your body has an immune system reaction to a normally harmless substance that enters the body. This substance is known as an allergen. Generally these reactions, in regards to environmental allergens, present symptoms in the nose, eyes, ears, throat or lungs. Allergy symptoms are fairly standard but can vary from person to person. In some people, reactions involve a minor irritation or itchiness in the nose. In others, they can present with asthmatic symptoms, swelling around the eyes, constant cough, runny nose, etc. For some people allergies are simply a minor irritation that can easily be brushed off, but for others they can be detrimental and hinder our day to day lives.

Pollen and mold are two of the more commonly thought of environmental allergens, but there are so many more even within your own home! Mold can exist both inside and outside. Outside, it can be carried by the wind similar to pollen. Inside, molds can affect people with allergies. It has also been reported to make those without allergies not feel well when exposed for a long period of time. Allergies can also be caused by “house dust“ which is a mix of dust mites, mold, animal dander, etc. that is stirred up from vacuuming or cleaning. There are many allergens in a home and they can make people feel sick. Our home allergy test can show you exactly what your home allergy triggers are!

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