ketogenic diet By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

What is Keto Diet? How to know if eating fat is right for you with food intolerance testing to provide the best answers. 

Many people call our clinic asking us “is there a way to know if the keto diet right for me?” The answer is YES! There are tests we can run so YOU can learn which dietary lifestyle maybe best for YOU. This can be for weight loss success or just a healthier life all together. 

Here is an example: Sometimes eating healthy fat will help a person go into ketosis and they burn fat. But other times someone will eat fat and they will gain weight which was not the idea. I am one of those special people that want to eat a keto diet but I cannot. When I eat fat I gain weight quickly. The reason is when I did comprehensive lab testing on myself some of my fat markers were high so my body tends to hold onto fat. Not my goal! Plus when I did food intolerance testing the IgG immune pathway tested positive for many healthy fats. That meant fats would cause inflammation which leads to weight gain. 

Here is another example on how the keto diet was helping someone and they had to eliminate just one food to have keto diet and weight loss success. We had one gal that wanted to lose weight, and she got an A++ for effort, but she was struggling with those last few pounds. She did eat a keto diet, and it had been beneficial to her. We agreed that food allergy testing had to be run to provide more direction and answers. Almonds showed up as a 3*** which is the highest level of toxicity for food allergies. She stopped eating almonds, and the weight came off and stayed off.

Here is an example where the keto diet was not a good idea.  When we run comprehensive blood work I look at inflammation markers and fat markers to learn about overall health and wellness. Plus it tells a story of your metabolism and if your diet is working for you or against you. If total cholesterol, LDL, leptin, insulin, fibrinogen, C reactive protein, Lipo A are all high, a keto diet may not be the best thing for you and a plant based diet is a better way to eat. 

Here are the TWO tests I suggest when you are asking 1) what is keto diet and 2) is a keto diet right for me.

  1. Comprehensive Testing Male or Female – CLICK HERE 
  2. Food Intolerance Testing – CLICK HERE 

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