By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings
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If you need a fast weight loss or struggle to lose weight, especially due to hypothyroidism, then a ketogenic diet may be the right choice for you. How does the keto (short for ketogenic) diet work? In a nutshell, it puts your body in ketosis which is the metabolic state where your body receives most of its energy from the ketones in the blood. What you actually may prefer to know is that during ketosis your body burns its own body fat for energy and will continue to burn fat even while you sleep! When you are struggling to lose weight, burning fat 24/7 is a major bonus!

People who struggle with hypothyroid almost always struggle with weight gain and are unable to lose that stubborn weight (that was so easy to gain, I might add). The thyroid is a master gland in the shape of a butterfly located in the front of the neck. It is an important regulator and when the thyroid is off you can bet those other hormones may be off as well. Sometimes the adrenals are off too due to too much stress; this can become a vicious cycle often leaving a person completely frustrated nt which is why they cannot lose the weight. Keto eliminates carbohydrates. Keto is a great plan to be on for about three to six months. Eventually, carbs should be reintroduced for the body to function, and usually, that means gluten-free carbs like rice and quinoa.

If weight loss has been a losing battle for you or, you have been told that your thyroid levels are within normal range and still do not feel like your usual self, there IS something you can do. You can order a Metabolic Thyroid Test from us, to make sure that the keto diet is right for you! Keto is often an excellent choice for most people who suffer from low thyroid because it eliminates the inflammatory trigger foods that could be causing your thyroid symptoms. Find out today if the Ketogenic Diet is right for you!

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