The Link Between Food Intolerance and DepressionBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC

What if there was more to depression than chemical imbalance? More to it than marketing and adding one prescription to another but still having symptoms? Could the Link Between Food Intolerance and Depression be real?

What is happening when a person who suffers from depression doesn’t respond to anti-depressants? I have been in this situation several times over my life. People in my family have been in this situation, it’s a pretty routine problem being that each individual must find that one particular cocktail that works for them, at this moment in their life!

If food is an additive to our depression if our body responds to certain foods negatively why couldn’t this alter our emotions, behavior, motivation, even our appetite? For me, food absolutely affects my disposition! But what food was it? I’d like to blame it on anything but cupcakes and brownies however…lol!

Food intolerance can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Certain foods may cause you to feel run down, sluggish, leave you with digestive issues, skin issues, breathing difficulties, joint pain or even migraines. Our comprehensive Food Intolerance / Allergy Tests  can help you pinpoint the foods causing these symptoms. As you begin to eliminate them from your diet, keeping your food journal and strict attention to what you ate and how it affected you, you may notice your symptoms begin to fall away as you eliminate certain foods from your diet!

This is also true with your mental health when your body is returning to complete health so is your brain!

Our test suggestion is the IgG / IgE combination test.

Results returned in about 4 weeks along with a protocol and full-color rotation diet to begin your journey!

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