The Link Between Thyroid and Weight LossBy Alane Archer, ND, CNC and Michelle Tuffs

How can such a small gland in our body be so disruptive?  Hyper? Hypo? It can be so overwhelming and cause your body to feel completely out of control.Both are linked to weight challenges. One causes weight loss and the other prevents weight loss

A pronounced symptom of hyperthyroid can be sudden weight loss. This is caused when the amount of thyroxine hormones, T3 and T4 in the body increase, and without any change, to your diet, you are losing weight. When energy consumption levels are high, the body needs more food to maintain weight. When that requirement isn’t met your body burns more existing fat thus leading to weight loss. Hyperthyroid is exactly as it sounds, it is hyperactive! Your entire body seems hyper. Bowels may move more often, and your eyes may bulge out, your heart-rate may speed up, you may feel sweaty and jittery most of the time.

Hypothyroid is the exact opposite, and weight gain will likely occur. The link between thyroid and weight loss can involve many troublesome symptoms. Some of these may be cold or heat intolerance, goiters or swelling of the neck and larynx, constipation as things seem to SLOW DOWN, night sweats,
extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, changes in your menstrual cycle, hair loss, insomnia, possible anxiety and restlessness.

Alane learned the hard way about the link between thyroid and weight loss. She gained weight very suddenly even though she ate well and exercised. It was many years ago in a functional medicine class that she learned what ‘Functional’ levels of thyroid levels were versus traditional levels. And she learned the importance of Free levels of T3 and T4. She got her thyroid levels better, and the weight started to come off.

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