By Alane Palmer, ND, CNC and Maria Cummings

If you are concerned about your thyroid and want to have a healthy thyroid then you should know that your thyroid, depends on how healthy your liver is! They work hand in hand for you! Your liver is responsible for performing 500 essential functions that are necessary for your overall health such as hormones, digestion, and the detoxification of the blood and more.

Too many people get told that either their liver or thyroid or both are fine according to their blood work when in reality it is not fine. By the time the abnormalities are known, it has already been developing for many years. The liver and thyroid go hand in hand because the hormones T4 also known as thyroxine needs to be converted to T3 (triiodothyronine) and this conversion occurs in the liver. Here are some symptoms to look for regarding the liver and the thyroid:

Liver Symptoms: high cholesterol and fat levels, weight gain and heart disease,
digestive issues such as constipation or not able to digest fatty foods, skin issues, loss of appetite, low energy, hormonal imbalances including some PMS-like symptoms, and much more.

Thyroid Symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, feeling puffy, hair loss, depression, excessive cold hands, and feet, depression, anxieties, itchy scalp, brittle hair, and nails, irregular periods, PMS symptoms, joint pain, headaches.

If you have had any of these symptoms, you can now take further action with healthy nutrition habits plus ordering your own comprehensive blood work that tests your inflammatory markers, thyroid markers and many other important health and wellness markers.

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