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Discover How to Lose Weight With Metabolic Syndrome, For Good. 

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December 30, 2022

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In this blog, I share three secret scientific tips on how to lose weight with metabolic syndrome.

First, did you know that Metabolic syndrome can happen at any age? I have worked with women and men of all ages, plus young teens.

The most important thing when learning how to lose weight with metabolic syndrome is to gain more knowledge. The more details you know about YOUR metabolism, the more success you will have. What your metabolism needs are different from someone else’s. The first thing I do when someone meets with me is order comprehensive labs for them. Not just a CBC, and TSH, I mean extensive labs. When we review their results, most people say, “wow, I never knew all this about my health, and this is extremely helpful.”

For example, getting a CBC (complete blood count), comprehensive thyroid with free levels of t3 and t4, thyroid ab, fat storage markers like leptin and insulin, inflammation markers like c reactive protein, homocysteine, fibrinogen, checking lipid levels including triglycerides are crucial to your success. Not getting metabolic labs done is the #1 reason people fail when trying to lose weight with metabolic syndrome; they need more information about their metabolism to know what it needs to work right. So they can drop the weight once and for good.

Hi, I am Alane, a holistic nutritionist with 30+ years of experience
in holistic health, wellness, and weight loss. Losing weight is not about dieting; it is about making sure your metabolism works for you and not against you.

Years ago, I gained some weight; this was maybe 20 years ago; I had no idea until proper metabolic bloodwork was run that I had hypothyroid, high leptin (fat storage), Hashimoto’s, and increased insulin. No one ever ran labs like that. I was being told to lose weight by dropping my calories, but I was only eating about 900 calories a day, I could not reduce anymore, or I would starve. The answer wasn’t in calorie counting; it was in getting my thyroid to work better and changing my diet so the Hashimoto’s improved. I did that, and I lost weight.

When people know what their metabolism needs, the work to lose weight with metabolic syndrome is a breeze.

Second: Reduce inflammation and pain levels drop, which helps people to move more. If I am hurting and hubby wants to go hiking, he can go alone. But if my pain and inflammation are way down, I will happily walk alongside him. For each person, what causes inflammation can be different.
Food intolerances like gluten, dairy/infections and viruses/autoimmunity, and more.

Sometimes I give a client a supplement suggestion with nutrients to lower inflammation, which helps start them losing weight and moving more.

I always check for inflammation levels in the blood work I run. It is a problem that people are lying around the house because they hurt so much instead of leading an active life. Their body does not have to hurt so much.

Third: Lower your insulin levels, and balance your blood sugar to stop insulin spikes that cause weight gain.

It is so eye-opening how I can be at one weight on the scale for days and then eat a white potato or a bowl of spaghetti, get on the scale the next day, and it is up 5 pounds. Why? Because insulin shot up with the food I was eating, the higher the insulin, the more fat cells, and the scale moved in the wrong direction.

When blood sugar is balanced, and insulin is low, it is easier to lose weight with metabolic syndrome, and the weight will stay off as long as insulin and blood sugar are at healthy levels.

The funny thing is that mood improves too for many people when there are no more insulin spikes. Think about it, do you feel happy and peppy or moody and cranky the morning after you eat white potato, spaghetti, cake, or cookies? I am on the cranky side. And when people are grumpy, they tend to eat more sugar, spikes insulin, and the cycle continues.

Energy is also running sky-high when insulin is lower. My body wants to be still, lie down, and sleep if I eat something that spikes insulin. If I am high on energy, I will exercise. And when I am tired, I tend to want to eat high starchy or sugary foods, which raises insulin and lower energy, and the cycle continues.

Friends, you CAN break the blood sugar and insulin spike cycle and lose weight with metabolic syndrome. You need to know what to do to have success. It would help if you had a plan; I have it, it is called metabolic mastery, and it works. I have used it repeatedly in my practice and have had tons of success helping people lose weight and keep it off.

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Discover How to Lose Weight With Metabolic Syndrome, for Good.