losing weight By Alane Stieglitz, ND, CNC

This is a true story about losing weight and my #1 secret to “Why Am I Not Losing Weight and Keeping it Off?

When I was young, I weight about 110 pounds. Losing weight was never a thought that crossed my mind. This happiness lasted until the childbearing years.

Baby #1 was easy; I had no trouble losing weight after he was born, but I felt like something in my body had changed. Yes, I had a baby, but something felt a bit off. I kept on with life, and baby #2 was born and then I losing weight became a challenge and a regular thought in my mind. I did not understand why losing weight was such a struggle now. All I did was add a few years and two babies to my life.

I started thinking about my mom and grandmother and how the same thing seemed to happen to them. Losing weight became a struggle as they aged and after they had babies. I thought about our genes and if this could be something that carried throughout the genes. What did we all have in common?

Ladies did not talk about health struggles back then, so it was hard to figure out until I was older. Mom and grandma did not like to discuss their health and especially not their weight. But I needed answers and to figure this out. I knew my weight gain was not healthy, and being in holistic nutritionist, I wanted to keep my weight at a healthier number.

So I started taking classes in functional nutrition and functional medicine. I was sitting in a course one day and the teacher made so much sense! When our thyroid is tested, we have to look at function levels, not just medical levels. He said TSH should be around 2.0, and he emphasized testing for free levels of T3 and T4 and antibodies against the thyroid. Then he said those magic words, if these levels are not optimal, losing weight will not happen no matter how well a person eats. Wow! Could this be my answer? I had to find out.

The following week, I ran to LabCorp and tested all the markers the teacher said to try and a few others related to hormones and metabolism. He was right! My thyroid was slow, plus I had antibodies against my thyroid, plus my insulin and leptin levels were high. Now I knew what to do to have success with losing weight. I was so excited! I was going to finally learn why I was not losing weight. 

The teacher also taught the importance of saliva hormone tests over blood tests. He said if hormones are high in the saliva, it will cause an issue with losing weight. So I did that too, and my hormones were elevated in the saliva, but I knew what to do. YAY for clarity and direction!

What I did for success with losing weight 
*adjusted my diet based on the blood test results 
*started taking a thyroid product to help increase thyroid production, including Free T3
*gave up foods that caused an increase in thyroid antibodies 
*started feeling more energetic 
*started sleeping like a baby
*started losing weight YAY ! 
*started feeling more confident my practice took off, and I got swamped
*started being able to help my clients drop weight easier and keep it off 
*started being more active and doing more in life 
*started feeling happier and comfortable in my own skin 

Here are the TWO tests I ran on myself. When you order yours, remember that test results come with a personalized protocol, so you know exactly what to do to feel and look your best. Losing weight is simple when you know what to do. 

  1. Saliva Hormone and Adrenal Cortisol Testing CLICK HERE
  2. Comprehensive Female Bloodwork CLICK HERE 

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