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Hi, I am Alane, and I have succeeded in the battle of weight gain and menopause! YAY!!! I am so excited to share my success with you and people you know you will benefit from this information. My goal is to enable women to be the best they can be in all they want to do in life. All of that while feeling FANTASTIC about the way they feel and the way they look.

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Here is the list of courses
Burn Belly Fat 
Mindset Matters 
Master Hormones 
Stop the Belly Bloat 
Let’s De – Swell YOU
STOP Food Confusion 

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I will be going live 1x a week for SIX weeks and you will have lifetime access to these critical videos. They WILL be recorded in case you miss the live option.

When you order any of our courses, you understand they are for educational purposes only. They are to be used as a guide for your health and wellness.